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I find that the final coat perfectly accentuates and seals in my femininity.

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Gemma and I had waited for this day for a long long time! The first chance to go back to Cognac, our favourite French restaurant. And it was, as expected, glorious!

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Afterwards, the pub we were going to go to just around the corner turned out to be closed so we took a drive to the Country Park Inn on Hessle foreshore. Fantastic backdrop for photos here! All in all, a top evening!

I find that the final coat perfectly accentuates and seals in my femininity. It's application both cathartic and intoxicating.

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My lips are so very rarely bereft of the adornment of the fabulous rouge coating. I don't get the opportunity to wear high heels much these days and so I forget how favourble they are to my figure Hi again everyone -- as I continue this trip down memory lane, I feel such gratitude that I was able to have these dressing experiences earlier in life. This was me in my graduate apartment, circa or so. On another note -- there is a really great website called TVChix for trans ladies and admirers.

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Even though the majority of people on it are in the UK, anyone from around the world can. The problem is that there aren't enough people from North America on it, and there isn't a comparable site for the huge North American t-community.

Anyone have any ideas about whether there is enough interest in starting one, or whether its been attempted before? Urnotalone used to be our go-to place, but it just doesn't have the same audience as it used to. Am I alone in feeling this way? A few more pics and a collage from back in May. A long-time favourite, this dress, good for all occasions! I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you continue to stay safe.

Here's hoping for a better when we can hug our friends and family! By the way, in my last post a few weeks ago, I asked you all about good trans social website platforms, as there seems to be a lack of these sites for trans people in North America. I did have a chat with the maker of TVChix a UK based siteand it looks like it would be difficult to create a similar site here for North American audiences without ificant time and money.

The website is www.

It has sadly been brought to my attention that someone is using my pics to pass off as themselves on another site. Just to clarify, I'm only on here and tvchix. If you see my images elsewhere it's a very sad person that needs to get their own life. Please report them.

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Let's get comfortable New dress and new makeup by Vivian Elvenes. It has been an amazing day.

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May by Emily Jayne. Comments always appreciated, as long as you keep it clean - I love to hear your feedback! Breathtaking views!

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Just showing off My new heels Whos for a bang! Just say no by Christina Smith.

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If you want me to stop Beach sitting. Please ,take me!!!

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I've done my bit I can see you Yes you looking at your screen It's been a strange last year but that is behind us now, brighter days lay ahead. My website: www. Are you paying attention to me by Christina Smith. Or to busy playing with your phone Love the feeling.

Of being a girl. Come here White Jeans by Sarah. Would you like To see whats under my dressing gown??? Your turn You all made it possible Cheers everyone I appreciate everyone's comments Lipstick and the re-discovery of my latent femininity by Daniella Davenport.

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Don't you just adore lipstick? How could one really resist?

Still interested??? I mean a three day strip tease what was I thinking!!! More Vintage by Maya R. Getting ready for a night out at the London Hotel with my friend Amber Check out my new blog ed 15th December Getting ready for a night out in Bournemouth with friends Natasha for life I'm here and I'm queer. Smoothing my tights out.

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I so love it. GoodbyeHello !

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What a year it's been Getting ready for a night out at the Titanic in August with my friend Amber Getting read for a night out in Bournemouth