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South woman hunting for friend treasure hunter mai walkthrough fucked

Mai Takarada is the hero of the story. By her side are her friends: Aina, Abel, and Mirim. Together the four of them set out on a journey to make their dreams come true!

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Treasure Hunter Mai is a game. With boring treasure. And is kinda a NTR game.

I guess. Mai is from our world. Her childhood friend Kenichi tries to stop her and confess with the help of his jerkass friend Takumi but Mai hates Takumi and Kenichi is a wimp so she goes off.

She finds a monument that sends into another world with Takumi kind of follwing and Kenichi being stuck at an orb. Here she learns that she is on an island full of people looking for the same treasure as she is so she s a few people and goes to find.

Soon she finds Takumi who has gained powers.

The main one is sending words and images back to our world but he soon gains summoning. Basically every girl is sleeping with everyone for some reason tied to debt. Even Mai eventually. And they get used to it eventually.

So while sleeping with the entire town Mai goes off to find the treasure. The story itself is fine. Takumi is the instigator of most of the sex but not the villain and has some bullshit redemption stuff in one of the endings that still pisses me off. It just feels wrong.

The story has some decent twists but not until the very end. This is a very flashy RPG Maker game. Combat has a lot of special effects and new moves as you inspire moves as you attack very often. This is cool, and made me think the game would be fun for the spectacle.

“treasure hunter mai” has the best story in an adult game

Second the enemy variety is horrible. Every fight in every area contains the same enemies. They scale in level with you.

Until level thirty you fight the same enemies two per encounter with some recolors in every fight no matter the field sprite. And these fights are all easy since you have so many overpowered moves. Loot is even worse. Most dungeons have no set treasure, instead enemies might drop chests that might contain items. Or a broken thing. Or 99 of the next weapon for some reason. Its random and not enjoyable for me. The worst part is you will have no money for most of the game to buy things with as no good loot to sell combined with enemies that scale means you need new weapons and armor often with no nothing to sell to afford them.

Edit: Forgot something that really bugged. Status effects are worthless.

I got hit once out of like thirty attempts of enemies trying to confuse or put my people to sleep which wore off by my next turn. While stun worked on enemies nothing else seemed to matter. I blinded almost every boss and they never missed. Porn is short and mostly focused on NTRing a girl in some way.

Then again. Then the scene will end in a couple more lines. The scene setups are more interesting but not to my taste at all so I skipped them.

Honestly the most interesting thing in this game is the sheer amount of outfits Mai gets. All of them are reflected on her map and combat model her current weapon is reflected in combat as well.

Three of her outfits have uses for the story but the rest are just bad stat outfits for the most important non-weapon equipment spot. Kenichi is to boring to feel bad about getting his girl stolen, the loot system is awful, scaling enemies makes areas just a set of tiles with the same enemies I just fought, and the pron is short and bland.

Nothing stands out here as good other then the sheer of skills and special moves that are mostly just slightly stronger versions of other moves.

Treasure hunter mai

And the outfits. All weapons for Mai and outfits for the three girls. Extra dungeon beaten and basically everything is done. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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