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I would like pick woman terrible laboratory like church

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fit woman Eileen

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My age 22
Caters to: I like guy
My sex: Girl
What I prefer to drink: Beer
What is my hobbies: Doing puzzles

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Will you help the doctor to overcome the hardships in her job? If humiliation is your kink, this is a great H game for you.

The game is about a doctor trying to develop a new kind of robot. Recently, she had been developing a brand-new robot; a technological breakthrough that could shock the world. However, the betrayal of her lab assistant sabotaged its development.

In addition, competing companies are stealing away her other lab assistants. In order to repair the robot and save her lab, Konica must raise as much capital as possible!

Our cute genius Dr. Konica is a pure and natural scientist. She invented a great robotbut her competitors bully her. So she is in crisis now.

Terrible laboratory free download

She has to make money to save her robots and labs…. This game is quite comical.

There are various H situations. The story focuses on how the player will give Konica the shame.

There is no particularly dark story. You can enjoy this game with pleasant feelings. Direct Download Link.

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