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Developer: SerialComics Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews I know this game is pretty old, so I did not come into it expecting much. But with that said, I was still let down a bit. Cons: 1: Insane amount of grind. Even with the walkthrough. I get bored, walk away, then come back and try more.

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Im following a walkthrough. This is one of the things that bothers me the most. I can deal with crap renders, but when shit barely makes sense it drives me crazy. If you are not a native English speaker, you should either write your story in your own language or get someone to translate who is.

If this game had built in hints, sure, I could see this. But you dont know if a scene has different random events unless you are following the walkthrough. There are certain things that you cant do a second time and pretend it was an accident. But this game makes you repeat them sometimes times well, at least the walkthrough does. This game has a TON of screens where it offers you a choice. To click a single button.

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Why offer a button if you do not actually have a choice? But no, they are hard coded into the game as just a single menu item. PROS: 1: Renders are not horrible, considering they are pretty dated now.

[vn] - [ren'py] - [completed] tangled up [v11] [serialcomics]

Its over used, but still works well if done right. On the sisters path anyways. I think with a better writer and better dev, these renders could have been made into a good non sandbox VN. Am i the only one liked this one. Sure there is a lot of grinding, but we have to loose something to gain something. I liked the li though. She is cute, bubbly, beauty. Well I nonetheless it's good hope he continues to make games like this. Won't mind less grinding though. I am sorry to give this game only 3 stars because it has qualities, but its flaws are too heavy to give it a better rating.

Infinite and repeating, after you do same cyrcle hours and hours game became very repetetive. Renders are average, animations are slightly below average. Story has good tangled up walkthrough, good idea but gameplay totaly shuts all down. I downloaded this after i stopped playing FOTM cause i saw that,specially with Rhonda theres was some good vibes and posing was pretty good, so after the dissapointment i came to this one of the same developer, and i have to say: the good posing is there, the protagonist girl has this similarities with Rhonda so i was a little hyped.

Untill the grinding becomes evident.

Tangled up – version + walkthrough + incest patch

And then there are stupid stuff that happens in many games like when comes and makes all your grinding useless, cause hours of grinding give you nothing and that plot element comes and corrupts everything only being close. I wanted to play it but im in day 25, im more than sick of grinding entire routines that make me so disconnected from the game that my brain refuses to even learn them.

So the 2 stars go for the girl mc, she is ugly, but she is different and cute, and the posing which is good. EDIT: Im gonna add a litle something to this review. It happensthat i got a 2nd monitor and i used it to put the Walkthrough in it, so i could see what i was doing tangled up walkthrough time to time. I have read that the days dont actually matter, but i also read that there are a lot of bugs that may cut your questline.

I happened to encounter soe, even following the WT, but searching the forum i found the solution. As i happened to be able to finish the game, and actually see all the things that i missed, i gotta say, and this is not new, posing is really god, face expressions, intimiacy and shit. Some scenes have not many renders but others do, some routes have better scenes where the other route lacks, so in the end is pretty balanced, and if you have the console and some commands near, the experience may be a litle slower and less fluid than playing it legit, but definetly more enjoyable.

The content that exist, even thoug for a good part is slow, eventually it pays off. With all this said, my initial review of 2 stars out of pure frustration, which may be the case of many people, will become tangled up walkthrough, i will not give it 5 cause the requirements for it to be enjoyable, asi I detailed, are pretty specific and require some work setting them up.

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I really wanted to like this game. The renders are decent to good and the basic framework of the story is fine. However that is where it ends. As others have said, just repetitive loops are the exact same dialog. I mean the exact same scene even with zero changes. You have to do certain stupid routines, that make zero sense to the story. Seems like they just wanted a lot of filler. Because of the major grind of the game, I gave up. It just not worth the effort to try and enjoy a story. One of the most annoying games, endless loops. The heroine looks cute, but the breasts are unnatural, the nipples are not beautiful, and the pubic hair is even more disgusting.

MC is an ugly monster, so how do you feel when you "see yourself"? Feel like a loser? Not worth playing. The grind is real. I've played many MMOs in the past, all with variations of the grind, but this is on another level. It took me several tries of simply failing to progress in this game before finally succumbing to the walkthrough and finding tangled up walkthrough that I had missed an event here or there that would leave me stuck in a loop. Even then, point-to-point with no skipping around, the amount of time and clicking was ridiculous.

Tangled up pc game walkthrough free download for mac

The payoff was okay and that's the only reason this game eked out a second star from me, but I'm not masochistic enough for this sort of thing. In hindsight, I would have a much more difficult time choosing between this and a lengthy RPGM game, and that's saying something! The story had its moments for sure, especially later on in the game.

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I did not pursue the mom route as it didn't interest me so I can't speak to that. I will also say that there are many grammatical and spelling mistakes throughout which can sometimes spoil what would otherwise be decent writing. Sweet Christ on a cracker this game is an absolute grindfest. It basically requires a guide to get you through because there are some events and cues you would easily miss without one that are required to progress - even going so far as to have random events that you must repeat several times.

Tangled up!: walkthrough guide

That is insane. Many of the renders are quite decent, but unfortunately you will be seeing a lot of them as you will have to occupy your in-game time doing the same exact thing on a daily basis in order to progress.

According to the guide, you can go several days doing literally the exact same schedule for each one. I finished the game, taking the pregnancy route. I was thoroughly confused by what happened with the Mom in the end, though at that point in the game I was tending to skip through some text. In the end this game gets some points for having an interesting premise and characters I more or less enjoyed with some good render scenes, but loses big points for how needlessly grindy and frustratingly repetitive it is.

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I somehow survived this game I would love to recommend it because I thought the story was interesting and enjoyable to read through I have never played something more repetitive then this game. I would never recommend this game to anyone for there sanity despite the story and scenes being good. S The mother is a bitch. Jesus Christ this game just loops the same scenes over and over and over and over and over and over Attempted to finish it but after 5 hours I've lost the will to finish this garbage.

Nice renders tho.

Tangled up [finished] - version: 11

Graphics are nice, animations are pretty good, the story and characters are good enough but the game has too many repetitive scenes and grinding, should've had an ability to tell you or auto skip the repetitive scenes. Need some restructure about the day by day, going the same places during too many weeks. But the history, graphics are wonderful, i love the Mom's player :b Have a lot of potential. I recommended play this without a walkthrough.

The game needs quite a bit of polishing coding wise.