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You are a new Mutant who has the ability to be immune to all other Mutant powers including the girl with the deadly touch Rogue.

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You are a new Mutant who has the ability to be immune to all other Mutant powers including the girl with the deadly touch Rogue.

Rogue-like: evolution [v c]

I might add more later. Some of these might cause some animation hiccoughs when switching from one action to another, so let me know if you see any. I have some ideas. This was more of a display bug than anything too serious, but there were some tricks you could manage with it. I believe this patch will not only prevent them appearing again, but also any existing games that had this issue should be able to continue forward fine, though if you actually interacted with them during this time there might be some oddness, no guarantees, I guess.

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I added the default view shifting option for massage rather than the more unique option it had, let me know if it does anything weird. I fixed an issue with Xavier sometimes not properly sending girls away when asked. This was a messy process, so might have created new errors. Let me know what you see there. I may adjust this.

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Fixed a few crashes and issues where characters were entering or leaving scenes in ways that seemed weird. Other stuff, probably. Some issues with Kitty flipping poses unexpectedly should be fixed, but report any that are still happening. I made some changes to various components in which girls are partially stripped and then behave in an expected way, like repeatedly trying to change back to other clothes or lost clothing magically reappearing. A few other little things.

Rogue-like: evolution [vh] [oni]

I forgot to remove the roadblock that locked them out before. One issue to keep an eye out for is, if Kitty or any other girl with dual sex poses switches from one pose to the other without you doing anything deliberate to make that happen, let me know what was going on immediately before that. If so, what was the last dialogue that played?

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Was it during an orgasm sequence? Rogue-Like: Evolution v0. Thanks to the testers for pointing that one out. This version is likely riddled with issues and should only be downloaded by those interested in testing and breaking things to figure out what went wrong.

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For those that do download it, if you get any crashes, please report them in this thread, or PM me with them if you prefer. Try and keep a save from a bit before the error occurred if you can save early and oftenso we can test whether what I try next fixed the problem.

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Let me know whether the error occurred in a playthrough fresh to the new version or from a save from a version. If an error occurs that does not cause a crash, the best way for me to track it down is to describe which type of scene this was, which characters were involved, and ideally the exact lines of dialogue that were said during or right before the error, because that will let me word search and pin down the exact line of code where things stopped working right.

Rogue-like: evolution [ongoing] - version: g

Much easier than trying to run through the entire scene looking for potential problems. The Hose-ripping option not working as intended in some way. The new surprise mechanic. She should enter the game some time after Jean s the roster. These will be added in updates later this year. Her chitchat and quiz options are a bit limited, I do hope to flesh these out, and she does not yet have her Ā«relationship milestoneĀ» scenes in either.

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I just thought this would be a fun bonus interaction. Or if you notice anything weird about Storm as a teacher. And just in general, if the game crashes to an error screen, please let me know, either on the release thread, or in a private message. Save early, save often, and try and keep a save before the error happened so that we can test whatever fix I attempt.

Rogue-like: evolution [vg]

You should bump into her sometime in the middle of the second week. She has her romance options, dating, studying, showering, all that sort of stuff, and many of her sex scenes. These will be added in the next few months as I build the art for them.

She also has several different outfits like with the other girls. Expect her to behave a bit differently from the other girls in roguelike evolution she gains and uses them. I expect to make some balancing changes over the course of development, so let me know your experiences trying to build her stats, can you get going, are you hitting roadblocks, if so, where?

Any feedback is helpful. Rogue Like Evolution v0. Let me know if the actions seem to work out ok. Let me know how this one is working out at various relationship phases. Also, fixed a bug that was happening when leaving the showers in some cases, and. When i have an app i have restart after long periods not being on it since i cant save it at the points im getting to.

Sadly the version will not download on android, is there any way you know to fix this or is it a problem?

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Checked screenshots and kinda surprised. Is it original content on 3 and screenshots? Or it is mode dlc? I got 0. Rogue-Like 0. Patreon also has this version! Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Rogue-Like: Evolution 0.

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Related Games:. Rinet's Quest [version 0. Nerd Adventure [Episode 2 Day 3 Final]. Love Thy Neighbor 2 [Update 2]. Tamaras Exposure [version 0. Family Man? Views: 55, Share this: Facebook Telegram Twitter. No installation required. Download the Rogue-Like I have Android version 9. I know it may sound weird but could a rapeplay like fetish be added.