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Cannon guarding the river, Old Town Fredrikstad, Norway. No, Pandora is not just a source of music as some might think in our modern times today, she actually has to do with Greek mythology. Pandora was given a box filled with gifts from the gods, but was told never to open it.

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Susan Meiselas. The approach has allowed her to capture scenes where the act of photographing could have easily become voyeuristic. While working on her breakthrough project Carnival Strippers during the s, Meiselas was committed to fostering relationships with the women she photographed, ensuring that the work represented their voices and experiences.

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She captured the dancers performing for all-male audiences and while they relaxed backstage between shows, determined to reveal the complexities of this world as seen by her subjects. Two decades later, Meiselas would be invited to explore another hidden world, where sex, secrecy and power dynamics would all come into play once more.

Meiselas discovered that pain meant something different for each client — from physical pain as a means of relieving emotional suffering or as a way of absolving guilt, to pain as a road to pleasure.

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Each mistress-client relationship was distinctly unique. His life was just boring, repetitive, and hard for him … Perhaps unlike the pain of life, in session, there was a reason and reward. Many of the women working at the club described the feelings their work provided them, ranging from empowerment, control and feeling wanted.

Pandora’s box

I like people thinking that I have it all together — and I am this goddess. I guess you could say it is my fetish. The work also depicts the everyday realities of life at the club. One image shows three women relaxing together in a backstage dressing room, while another shows a mistress curled up asleep under her coat.

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In some cases, the relationship between mistress and client might also transcend into the everyday, with a friendship forming outside of the context of the club. For him, it harks back to a decadent period in history that produced the French nobleman the Marquis de Sade, who quite literally wrote the book on sadomasochistic practices. One visitor to New York, scheduled in time with Mistress Raven amongst other cultural tick boxes on a trip to the city. After making the photographs, Meiselas set aside the project, then eventually published it as a book five years later.

Today, however, the series continues to exist as a powerful representation of the complexities of a hidden world and the people participating in it.

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More information on Intimate Stranger can be found here. Shopping Cart. New York City.

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Pandora's Box, New York City. Susan Meiselas Client lounge.

Men's sexual revolution: pandora's box

Pandora's Box. Susan Meiselas Maid slave. Knowing when to get out takes judgment, and I think it is intuitive. Susan Meiselas Reception II. Traditional Indian dance mask.

full story in Magnum PRO i. Commission a Magnum photographer. Next Story.

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Explore More. Zhejiang, China. February Vietnam Inc.

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