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Melody f95 seek boy who wants titfuck

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pretty biatch Anya

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Years old 25
Ethnic: I'm belgian
Hair: Blond
Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
What is my body features: My figure type is fat
Hobbies: Hunting
Stud: None

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New posts. Opinions on Projekt Melody. Thread starter MachoGuy Start date Feb 11, MachoGuy Member. Nov 3, So, what's your opinion on that Cam girl Melody? The 2d girl or the 3d girls? Lockheart Active Member Donor.

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Game Developer. Jan 8, 2, Chaturbate is in the business of making money, that's what they'll prioritize. If a Virtual Girl is making them more money than real girls, it's not a hard decision for them to feature the 2D model. Feelings and fairness really don't concern a company. Welcome to Capitalism. Avaron Devoted Member. Aug 22, 17, 53, While I will agree with the girls that it isn't fair it is also business and business is very rarely fair. It's all about the money and as Lockheart said, if virtua girl brings in the money then virtua girl aint going anywhere.

I feel bad for melody f95 girls working and putting themselves out there but everyone has a kink and i'm sure a virtua girl will fill a role a real one can't.

Some of those girls have a silly argument though. Put it on another site? Sure, send money to the competition i'm sure CB will jump at the chance to do that. Avaron said:. Reactions: Agent Abide and Lockheart. Stompai Active Member. Oct 7, 1, Because that's actually what they do, releasing frustration, melody's presence or not won't change their popularity by much.

Or either it will stay and even expand, if one can work, why not 2 or 3, or even a complete new category. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an explosion of virtual live girls in the near future. Anime, cartoon, or even real time 3d renders.

Don't underestimate the willpower of humans when sex and money are on the table. Reactions: MachoGuy.

May 9, But hey the public speaks for itself. Kurumi Tokisaki The shadows are my friend Donor. Sep 26, It's kind of funny how the 3D people say they get bullied and shamed irl but turn around and do it the moment they are getting beat by a 2D woman who has an actual person behind it along with some hating their fans that like Projekt Melody.

They'll just go to Projekt Melody anyways if you are mean to your fans who are literally giving you money and such so you lose still in the end anyways. I'm not really surprised this is happening but it doesn't make it any less stupid either way. Nesekard New Member. Jun 25, 10 3.

If these girls do not manage to reach the same figures as this 2d girl, it is not the fault of the 2d girl.

It is as if I dedicate myself to selling beer and people asked me for beer but without alcohol, or I start selling it or they will just go somewhere else, also if they only sell it in one place it is normal for everyone to go there, but in any moment is the fault of the one who sells the beer without alcohol.

Loqic Royal Jelly Donor. Oct 26, 2, Yeah, so unfair! Those girls working hard ehh.

I don't really follow the drama or visit the site, but yeah, whatever, something new and novel came up and like Avaron said, business is business. Citek New Member. Feb 8, 7 4. However typically 2d has more variety :v.

ZTex Well-Known Member. Apr 3, 2, 3, Who cares. ZTex said:. Deadmanvs1 Newbie. Apr 5, 52 Project Angelica is better.

AI Angel has far better graphics and interaction. No idea that this was even a thing but those camwhores crying sure is funny! Sorry girls, time to get a real job!

JennyStarveling New Member. Apr 3, 0 0. Hi everyone I'll just chime in as the matron of 3d camgirls.

They didn't already exist on chaturbate I should know, I've been camming as a 3D camgirl since March of and my s are growing but aren't even remotely in the same stratosphere as Melody's. It was the same when she migrated to twitch, if I'm not mistaken.

Chaturbate keeps her on because it brings a whole new viewership to CB. Flesh and Blood camgirls should not be threatened though, some are. If people are coming in to see Melody, they are coming in to specifically see HER and no one else. I should know, because I've tried to break in, capitalizing on the fury and They are specifically coming into chaturbate for her and her alone. Show hidden low quality content.

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