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Go down the path and you'll find the map for the area in the large treasure chest to the right. Then go ahead and save at the save point right after that.

Treasure hunter trophy in kingdom hearts birth by sleep – a fragmentary passage –

Then go into the middle of the area and try to climb up the very tall ring-like pillars that are in the middle, as there is a Treasure Chest with a Mega-Potion inside. The main idea behind the World Within is that you fight against Heartless within Mirrors. Starting with the right-most mirror right after the save point, you'll find some new enemies: Water Cores. They're pretty similar to Fire Cores, although they're more difficult to kill because Lightning magic does not stop them from attacking. Their attacks are difficult to fight against, as they become invincible torrents that rush in your direction.

Just try and kill them when they're not in this state, using Shotlock is effective during this fight. After you kill the first wave, another wave will come out with Flutterings and some more Water Cores. Once all the enemies are dead, leave the area and continue fighting inside the mirrors counter clockwise. Before you enter the very next room, look into the mirror and note which treasure chest is closed. Once you've done that, enter the room and open that same treasure chest. The next room can be a little confusing. There will be a lot of pillars as well as a central area that you can't get to because of magic.

What you have to do is break the green pillars in order to rotate the room upside down and try and get to the central area using those pillars as pathways. Along the way, you'll also encounter some Heartless along with some treasure chests in the upside down area, containing an Ether and Hi-Potion.

This is also the perfect place to obtain Frozen Rail Ride by using Blizzaga all the way down the huge area and riding down the rail. Once you're ready, examine the mirror in the central area and you'll be teleported to a fight against Phantom Aqua. Phantom Aqua can be an annoying fight if she spams her Blizzard attack, but overall she'll be a calm and easy fight. Whenever she's just walking slowly, that's the best time to hit her. She'll always be hit by your attacks and you can do a full on combo against her, along with some magic at the end of it. If she's teleporting while walking towards you, be ready to block and counter block, as it will open another combo for you.

Kingdom hearts -a fragmentary passage- treasure and location guide!

If she does use the Blizzard mines, which she will if she is floating in the air like in the picture above, run away and then dodge into them, not to the sides or away. If you're low on HP, then use Curaga to heal yourself up. If you can turn into a Spellweaver during this fight and use the final move, you can complete an Objective details later onbut it's unlikely you will be able to. The next mirror will have a long stairway with another mirror at the end of it, looking as if it continues on.

It will lead to the same stairway, with two Frost Cores at the end of it. After the next mirror, turn around and you'll find another mirror leading to Phantom Aqua again. The next mirror will lead to a fight with a bunch of Shadows and a Fire Core. After you defeat those, a wave with 4 Fire Cores will occur. This fight is very tricky but it is possible.

Once that mirror is complete, skip the very next one. That one will be the last one we do. Do the next one after that, and go back to the other one afterwards. This room will be empty but will have four candlesticks. Hit them to blow them out and it will cause a bunch of Heartless to spawn.

There's not much advice to give, just abuse your Magic as it is very strong against those enemies.

Once it's done, you'll have completed the Mystery Within Objective. Head to the mirror that we skipped earlier. Go to the end of the hall and you'll find another mirror, but to the left of it you'll find a white jewel. Pick it up then examine the mirror. A cliff will appear, jump up to it and then up to the next location where another mirror is. Destroy the barrels to the left of the mirror and pick up the jewel in the wheelbarrel. Then examine the mirror. Examine it until the cliff it creates is on the same level as the white jewel that is floating in mid-air.

Then after you pick up the jewel, examine the mirror until you can get up to the next area. On the left side will be some crates, destroy them to find another jewel. In the next mirror, look into it and make sure all the cliffs are aligned.

Pay special attention to the ones with the blue markings on them though, because if you put them together correctly you'll get the Connected Objective.

Once you do that, activate it and get to the next area. The next area will have a bunch of Water Cores as well as Flutterings, but they should be easy to deal with. There will also be two jewels lying around, so be sure to pick them up one of them is hiding behind some barrels. After that, slide down the mine area and you'll end up at another mirror. The way this one works is that looking into the mirror shows you where the mine slide area is at. Just wait until it's over the jewel floating in midair to activate it, then grab the jewel.

With that you'll have completed the Gem Gatherer Objective. There is also a small floating island with a treasure chest containing a Megalixir, so be sure to get that as well. Heading up to the final big island, there will be a treasure chest on the left side of the area. It contains a Hi-Potion. This last Phantom Aqua fight will be more difficult than the last two since she will be using Spellweaving form instead of the regular form. She's also much more aggressive and have a lot more varied moves than before. The best way to fight against this is to always block and counter block, then attack her as much as possible.

One of the main moves she does is splits into three and starts doing the finisher for Spellweaving around the ring.

Then, all three will close in on the middle. The best way to handle this is to just block it, then counter block, and wail on her. You should eventually be a Spellweaver yourself, in which case you should try and use your own Finish to get the Queen of the Rink Objective.

Another thing to watch out for is when she spawns many walking Aquas that disappear when you go near them, because after they all go away, all of them will spawn in a circle around you and do the shooting magic ball attack Aqua has in Spellweaver form.

You can avoid this by using Thundaga once all the clones show up, as it will reveal the true Phantom Aqua for you to attack. Alternatively, you could simple wait and lock onto all the different Aqua clones, as only the real Phantom Aqua will have the large health bar.

Kingdom hearts how to complete objective 37, treasure hunt in castle town

You will also get the Heartless that Dwell Objective as well, either now or when you finished the last mirror room. Go back to entrance mirror and a cutscene will happen. Again, interact with the entrance mirror. We'll enter a new area, Forest of Thornsonce it is over.

There are several key changes made to the Critical Mode version of this area. There is also a Lingering Will that you need to obtain, which is also pictured below. Once you've obtained all 12 Zodiac Relicsyou will be able to find a new mirror in the main area, as well as complete the objective Quest for the Zodiac. You can interact with it to confront 12 bosses, all of which are extremely difficult. They are all based on other bosses which can have new attacks and Heartless that are found in the game. It's also a great way in order to gain EXP for some of the other challenges.

Once you complete the boss rush, you'll have completed the objective In The Mirror. Last Edited: 26 Jan am. Phantom Aqua Stage 1 Phantom Aqua can be an annoying fight if she spams her Blizzard attack, but overall she'll be a calm and easy fight. Critical Mode: Do the aforementioned mirror with the long stairway as the last mirror you do. This is because if you're trying to complete both the trophy in which you cannot retry or continue as well as the objective in which you try to kill Phantom Aqua's final form without taking damage, going through the very last mirror mentioned in this guide with Phantom Aqua will be a very long route to take if you are hit.

By contrast, the above mirror is very easy to get through as all you've got to do is kill some Frost Cores. If you don't care about the trophy, however, then you can ignore this message.