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Make sure to finish ending 3 first Ending 2 of 10 — Four is Fine.

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Waking on board a spaceship, you have a mission to achieve, stolen from your life, the only way back is to succeed, if there is a way back at all… Thus begins the voyage of the Galaxy Girls. Some people ask if the game is uncensored. People see in the title that it says uncensored. To me anything that prevents me from seeing full nudity when the character is in fact nude, is censorship.

Yes that includes mosiacs which are pixelized blurring of parts of the body. So I would like clarification, on titles that are censored including mosiacs to be written in the description or even tagged. I do realize that the admin is the only guy managing this site.

You do know that steam does have eroge games on their website. They just remove or censor the sex scenes. First you should search such things yourself, there is a vndb site that will allow you to find such things. So just a warning if you really like this game, you better buy it on steam with de season pass cuz we all know games like this never get an updated crack, the same happen with army gals and this game have at least another 4 dlc stories coming, and we al know nobody is going to crack this game every time an update with the next dlc is released.

I see what you are saying, when the dlc comes out I ll tell the admin about it so he can update this. Hello admin, would you please Monster Girl Quest:Paradox! The game is already translated. After completing the game, the only untranslated stuff I found were a few optional sex scenes with side characters at the end of the game.

Look for older contend, using the button in left side many minor titles are not in the front or list. It is not in the download section only the original MGQ series. Why does this happen? There might be quite a few. People would be better off checking the RSS Feed for the site instead of the homebecause some titles are listed there, but not on the home. Mograine check your privilege.

You can download the uncensor patch for free from the devs website the links are even in galaxy girls uncensored topic on steam forums. Lol and most translated games refuse to put out a uncensored patch because steam will take down their content.

These guys proved them wrong. Guess them translators will invent another excuse. Pathetic pieces of trash selling butchered VNs. Steam has actually been being less strict on that lately. Even MangaGamer started releasing patches with their most recent games. Thus saying the game is rated perfectly withing rules on steam but if you want more… Go to main website.

Minimum system requirements :

What i am getting at is that still a few to most translators still have that mindset of money is more important than releasing the game fully. Sex scenes arent the main problem. Some are edited so that lewd jokes and kissing scenes are taken out.

I could go on but you get my point. So what exactly should the devs do then? Calling me lazy for no reason plus not reading my entire message. Galaxy Girls.

How to install galaxy girls full version :

Game download Free download Buy the game Related links. Galaxy Girls HCG. Posted in Downlo. A summer promise to forever ». June 6, at pm.

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Galaxy girls walkthrough (brightly studios / dharker studio)

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Galaxy girls (all dlc & uncensored)

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Galaxy girls [english, v] [uncensored] [brightly studios]

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