Live webcams in Asia.

Live webcams in Asia


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Asia is the largest part of the world, both in terms of territory and in terms of population. Together with Europe, it forms the continent of Eurasia. The area (including the islands) is about 43.4 million km². Population – 4.3 billion people. (2012) (60.5% of the world’s population).

Asia is now the largest developing region in the world. In the Hittite era, the kingdom of Assuva was located in the northwestern part of Asia Minor. The Hittite victory over him is mentioned in the annals of King Tudhalias IV. In the Greek epic, this kingdom is personified in the image of King Asia, an ally of the Trojans. The name Asia in Greek mythology is oceanida, the wife of Prometheus, from whom, according to mythological tradition, the name of the part of the world originated. By the time of Herodotus, the designation of an entire part of the world as Asia (Asia) was generally accepted by the Greeks.

Mainland Asia is located mainly in the eastern (the exception is the Chukchi Peninsula) and the northern hemispheres. Asia is connected with Africa by the Isthmus of Suez; it is separated from North America by the narrow Bering Strait. Almost all types of climate are represented on the territory of Asia – from arctic in the far north to equatorial in the southeast.

In East, South and Southeast Asia, the climate is monsoon (within Asia there is the wettest place on Earth – the place of Cherrapundzhi in the Himalayas), while in Western Siberia it is continental, in Eastern Siberia and Saryarka it is sharply continental, and on the plains Central, Central and Western Asia – semi-desert and desert climate of the temperate and subtropical zones. Southwest Asia – tropical desert, the hottest in Asia.

At present, there are 54 states in whole or in part on the territory of Asia.

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